Boxer Sustainability Commitment

At Boxer Custom Cases Inc. sustainability via reducing waste is built into the DNA of our company. Since 1997 Boxer has been supplying top-quality reusable packaging and mobility solutions to customers across a variety of industries and categories, including our main product lines of custom shipping cases, metal and aluminum carts and cabinets, and customized foam inserts. By utilizing long-life components, sustainable and recyclable materials wherever possible, and by using leading edge software and equipment, Boxer has removed untold quantities of single-use packaging products from the waste stream. Boxer strives to create lasting packaging and storage products, with many of our items being repurposed and reused multiple times over their lifecycle.

Boxer employees are encouraged to seek out and work to implement sustainable materials and processes throughout our products. As demonstrated by switches to low-VOC water-based adhesives for many of our composite assemblies, and our adoption of lower-density long-lasting cross-linked foams, Boxer strives to continuously improve our product lines while reducing our impact on the environment. For over a decade, waste material from failed prototypes has been reduced via utilization of leading-edge CAD software, allowing us to see and prevent potential errors before material is consumed. Material nesting is constantly employed throughout both the design and build processes, allowing us to make recommendations to our customers towards lower-waste designs, and to create processes on a shop-floor level to mitigate scrap creation. Any remaining off-cut material is recycled where possible.

Boxer forms long-term relationships with suppliers who can deliver quality components and services on time, and who also have a commitment to environmental stewardship. We seek component suppliers who are committed to international standards such as European Union ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) directives, and CARB (California Air Resources Board). Recent shifts towards working with recyclable molded containers in place of more-difficult-to-recycle composite containers underscores our commitment to sustainable supply.

Boxer aims to reduce our carbon footprint by utilizing digital and video meeting technology where possible, and working with customer CAD data when present to reduce automobile and courier use to access item measurements. Boxer is working toward further enhancing our digital representations of products we build so customers can appraise designs without need for carbon-heavy physical shipment of samples or prototypes. Other future plans include enhanced recycled material content in our assembled cases to help create a similar continuous-loop lifecycle to our metal and molded products.

 - Boxer is dedicated to helping protecting things of value, and this includes our natural environment -