Quotations and Advice 
Once we understand your case requirements, Boxer will provide you with a fixed quotation for the products you require, good for 60 days. If we aren't the right fit for your application, we'll tell you why, and will try to help you find someone who is. 
Design and Consultation Services
Boxer uses SolidWorks professional CAD software to create our foam insert and case designs. Working with three-dimensional  computer models, we're able to fine-tune product layouts and see conflicts or problems before any material has been cut.  Our customers benefit through exact repeatability, cnc precision cuts, and smarter, more compact designs.  In addition to designing packaging, Boxer is available to consult on a variety of products in the packaging field. Design services are estimated and billed on an hourly basis. We can work with your DXF, stp, igs or SolidWorks files of your equipment or your own proposed layouts.
Case Repair
We service what we sell, and even what we don't. If you have a damaged case or a case you would like re-purposed, we will work to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Email pictures of existing cases to